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Recommended Care

Pipe Care

How to Care for your pipe


  • Keep a screen in the bowl during every use

  • Clean as needed



How to Clean your pipe:


In order to keep your new smoking pipe working well, you will need to clean it every once in a while. This is the preferred method on how to clean a pipe. You will need table salt, isopropyl alcohol or acetone.


  1. Remove bowel; scrape out as much tar and residue as you can from the bowl.

  2. Poke out screen.

  3. Soak cap and bowl and screen (unless replacing) in some form of alcohol or organic compound to break down the sticky residue.

  4. Next, seal off mouth piece end with electrical tape.

  5. On the other end of pipe fill your pipe halfway through with table salt.

  6. Add either isopropyl alcohol or acetone into the pipe with the salt and seal off the one remaining opening with electrical tape.

  7. Shake your pipe vigorously over the sink until you’re pissed off at how long you’ve been shaking it (about 2-3 minutes for me).

  8. Remove your tape to let lose the torrent of salty black stink.

  9. Rinse your pipe and your sink out with hot water.

  10. Repeat entire process again if necessary.


Each piece will be cleansed with sage before shipping but I recommend a second cleansing on arrival since the package will be handled by other people. 

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