Please note that my CrystalSockets are natural & unique stones. So if you drop your phone, it could chip, crack, or break. Due to the nature of the stone I will not be responsible for, or be able to replace any broken CrystalSockets

Applying your Crystal Socket:

- It is NOT recommended to use your CrystalSocket on a silicone or textured phone case. The adhesive has a hard time sticking to those cases. Harder plastic, or the actual phone surface is best. 

- Make sure your phone or case is clean and dry, peel off the sticker covering the adhesive, make sure the CrystalSocket is where you want it, and press together the CrystalSocket and your phone and bold for 30-60 seconds or more. Do not pop your CrystalSocket for a few hours to allow it to adhere. 

- CrystalSocket tops are interchangeable! The plates easily come on and off to trade with friends or switch out to coordinate with different phone cases or outfits! Simply squeeze the middle part of the CrystalSocket to unhook the little notch and do that with all the notches, being careful not to make a hole in the rubber. Then switch it out for a different crystal!

Tigers eye